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Oxfam at Queen’s is an expanding social justice club, and a campus branch of Oxfam Canada, a member of an international confederation with a goal of ending global poverty. Oxfam at Queen’s works in two campaigns: Even It Up and Environmental Justice. The club also has an official Emergency Response Team designate, a new addition to the team. Through its campaigns, the ERT, and a large pool of dedicated members, Oxfam at Queen’s holds events to create awareness about global injustice and raise money for social justice causes locally and globally.

The club has gone through a restructuring this 2016-2017 school year. It is now made up of 2 campaign groups to optimize event planning:

Even It Up! (EIU) is one of the two groups on campus. This one focuses on Oxfam Canada’s Even It Up campaign, aiming to raise awareness on the economic gap between the rich and the poor. Oxfam’s Even It Up Campaign promotes fair taxes, equal wages for women and men, and public investment in universal health care and education. We aim to create awareness about the increasing gap between the rich and poor, and how economic inequality is in the way of ending global poverty, while increasing other inequalities, such as the gap between men and women.

Environmental Justice (EJ) is our second campaign. This one seeks to engage students in environmental issues that not only impact the future of our planet but especially the communities in the world most vulnerable to the effects of environmental degradation – women especially. While women are most likely to suffer from climate change, women are also most capable of creating change and adaptation within their communities.  This campaign aims to educate students on the complexity of gender inequality and climate change, speculating the link between these broad issues by analyzing local and global relations of power, environmental change, resource distribution, poverty, and much more.

The Emergency Response Team (ERT) seeks to bring the work of Oxfam International and Oxfam Canada into Oxfam at Queens. The ERT aims to work in concurrence with Oxfam during emergency situations in two key areas. First, the ERT will aid in the dissemination of information surrounding emergency situations including facts, areas of need, and ways to help. Second, the ERT will hold events in conjunction with other clubs and campaigns to collect emergency response funds for Oxfam disaster relief.

Oxfam at Queen’s also operates The Fair Trade Snack Bar.  As a non-profit organization, the Snack Bar is the prime location for students and the broader community to purchase fair trade goods at affordable prices.  Fair trade is just one approach to addressing the detrimental effects of the mainstream trade system, but it is a positive step toward creating real global change.  Some of our products include chocolate, coffee, tea, dried fruit, sugar, spices, and more!

Monday to Friday, 11:30-4:30pm
Located at the Walkhome Booth, Lower JDUC.


Logo-JU-2  Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 2.23.29 PM  Level Ground Trading Logo_CMYK  Screen Shot 2016-11-07 at 10.13.46 PM.png

Fair Trade is a different way of doing business. It seeks to change the terms of trade for the products we buy, ensuring that the farmers and artisans behind those products get a better deal. Fairtrade certification is a standardized approach to ensuring that producers have met a variety of criteria in areas including labour standards, sustainable farming, governance, and democratic participation.

A rigorous third-party monitoring system was also implemented to ensure standards were being met. Producers are regularly checked by FLO-Cert, an independent certification body owned by Fairtrade International, which conducts on-site audits to ensure producers continue to meet Fairtrade standards. Companies that buy products from Fairtrade certified producer organizations must also adhere to strict standards, regularly report, and submit to on-site audits. In all, Fair Trade is a way for all of us to identify products that meet our values for fairness and decency in the marketplace.

Learn more: www.fairtrade.ca


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